A Member of the Association, hereinafter referred to as ‘the Genealogist’, will adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. The Genealogist must
    1. at all times uphold the integrity and reputation of the Association and
    2. not act in a manner in any way contrary to its interests.
  2. In advertising or dealing with the public, the Genealogist should not:
    1. issue exaggerated, misleading or false information regarding the prospects of successful research.
    2. knowingly publish as fact any false information or unproven statement, nor be party to such an action by others.
  3. When engaged by a client, the Genealogist should not:
    1. knowingly and unnecessarily duplicate work already carried out.
    2. divulge any information concerning the client or the client’s affairs, without prior consent.
    3. publish the results of research for which a client has paid, without prior consent.
  4. While engaged in research, the Genealogist should not:
    1. unnecessarily duplicate work already carried out by the Genealogist or the client.
    2. misquote any document.
    3. cite questionable sources as being authoritative.
    4. examine a secondary source when it is possible and practical to examine the original.
  5. In reporting to the client, the Genealogist should:
    1. compile a report as coherent and lucid as the material allows.
    2. distinguish clearly between what is proven and what the Genealogist believes to be possible or probable.
    3. explain, if unable to resolve the client’s research requests, the reasons why.
    4. offer candid advice concerning further research possibilities.
    5. give a full list of sources consulted, indicating the relevant repositories.
    6. not withhold or conceal material or information relevant to the client’s request.
  6. With regard to other Members, and bona fide genealogists outside the Association, the Genealogist should not knowingly injure, or attempt to injure, the professional reputation, prospects or practice of another.
  7. The Genealogist must not claim by statement or implication the work of another.
  8. The Genealogist should declare any personal or financial interest which might compromise impartiality towards a client.