Quality promise

Your Irish family history is important to me.  I shall strive to be accurate and truthful.  My aim is to meet your requirements and deliver results to your satisfaction.


Statement of Work

Irish Family History research: Statement of Work

Before commencing research, I will endeavour to document your requirements and ensure that they are fully understood.  I will also endeavour to provide a realistic assessment of the chances of success based on the information that you have provided and a likely timescale to complete.  I will also try to ensure that you understand the work to be undertake and the process to be followed.

Family history sources

Research will be conducted as far as possible from original source material.  Transcriptions and other secondary sources will not be relied on as fact.  Original documents will be included with the research report as far as possible.  When this is not possible due to copyright, a full and accurate transcription will be made.

Irish Family nHistory certificates - birth, marriage, death records

Authoritative source material will be used to prove your ancestry and where necessary, will be corroborated by consulting additional sources. For 19th and 20th century research you will be provided with copies of the original birth and marriage certificates which were obtained to prove your ancestry, cross referenced to census information, where possible.

Ambiguous results will be communicated to you with such wording as "possibly" or "probably", and will not be cited as fact.  All uncertainties, problems, "discrepancies and inconsistencies" will be reported.  Any assumptions which were essential to make progress will be reported.

All stages of research will be recorded, and all source material will be cited in the research report.


Irish Family History book

Family History packages will be presented in high quality binders with family tree, careful notes and a thorough report. All genealogical work commissioned will be thoroughly documented and well presented.  I will send out regular communications to update you on the progress of your research and the costs.


Actions which incur additional cost or impact estimated timescales will be reported to you for your consideration and agreement before being undertaken.

Where research cannot proceed to the extent originally anticipated, the reasons for this will be explained to you and any fees will be reduced on a pro-rata basis.

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