Family History package:

Assessment Project


An Assessment is a preliminary stage in which the information available to try and locate an ancestor or trace a family history is carefully evaluated.


The purpose of the Assessment Project is to establish a firm foundation for research.  If you have Irish roots but have only a little information about your ancestors, then the first step is to check out this information. An Assessment attempts to verify and document information about a particular Irish ancestor and establish a solid basis for further detailed genealogical research.  Relevant primary sources will be consulted, including civil registrations, church records and 20th century census returns and supporting documents produced, where possible.


An Assessment can prevent commissioning research that has little chance of success and wasting money on fruitless searches.


ancestral site of irish family

Location information about Townland and Parish is of vital importance in Irish genealogy.  So an Assessment also endeavours to identify the geographical area in which your ancestor lived (Townland) and the church in which they may have worshipped. 


I will evaluate the results and determine what research options have a good possibility of success before recommending a personal research strategy.


Genealogical Assessment Report

You will receive a Genealogical Assessment Report containing:

  • A summary of the research conducted

  • Verified details of the ancestor you have chosen, including Townland and Parish, where possible

  • Details of relevant Births/Marriages/Deaths found

  • Details of relevant church Baptisms, Marriages and Burials found

  • Copies of any relevant census returns

  • Transcriptions of relevant handwritten documents which cannot be copied

  • Guidance about further research possibilities

An Assessment Project is offered at a competitive fixed price of €150.

This includes all materials, travel costs, research fees, photocopying and postage charges.  There are no extras.


To request an Assessment Project please send an email specifying your particular requirement and providing supporting information to:


Supporting information typically might be detail of your ancestor's name, key family events, ages, family members, religious affiliation, where they lived etc.


Alternatively call me to discuss:

+353 (0)98 64746


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